Work After 50

Age discrimination remains an evil in our society. Older workers are easy to typecast because of myths.

  • They're less effective on the job than younger people
  • They don't deal well with change
  • They look to the past, not the future
  • They take forever to make a decision

Like all stereotypes, these views have harmed older employees and contributed to the notion of the "unemployability" of seasoned people. But if you substitute "experienced" for "older" and view the situation from that perspective, you can dismiss the stereotypes and turn the myths into strengths.


  • Stress your qualifications for the job opening
  • Recount experience you have had which would qualify you for the job
  • Talk and think about the future rather than the past
  • Indicate your stability, attendance record and good safety experience
  • Assume the air of confidence
  • Approach the employer with respectful dignity
  • Be optimistic in your attitudes
  • Maintain your poise and self-control
  • Hold yourself erect
  • Answer questions honestly and with straight forwardness
  • Stress the contributions you can make to the organization
  • Recognize your limitations
  • Indicate your flexibility and readiness to learn
  • Make your age a positive


  • Keep stressing your need for a job
  • Discuss past experience which has no application to the job
  • Apologize for your age
  • Display arrogance
  • Cringe or beg for consideration
  • Be one of those who can do anything
  • Hesitate to fill out an application, give references, take a physical examination or tests on request
  • Feel that the world owes you a living
  • Make claims if you cannot "deliver" on the job

The Bottom Line

Think of your experience, your know-how, and your accomplishments. Keep in mind your track record and what you can do for a company.

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