Accommodations Letter

What is an Approved Academic Accommodations letter?

The Approved Academic Accommodations letter is a confidential document produced by your Accommodation Specialist as a method of communicating your accommodation needs to your instructor.

Here are some important facts about your Accommodation Letter –

  • It is specifically created for each class based on your eligibility and accommodation needs
  • It does not disclose the nature of your disability
  • It includes the accommodation specialist information to the instructor for any questions or concerns that may arise

How to Present the Letter to Your Instructor

  1. Contact your instructor to privately discuss your accommodations
  2. Introduce yourself and present the letter form. Here's an easy introduction you might try:
    "Hi, I'm ____ in your ____ class. I'm working with an accommodation specialist in the Disability Services Office, and my specialist has prepared this form to indicate the accommodation I will need in your course."
  3. Discuss the letter and how you and the instructor can work together to ensure your access to the course. This conversation needs to be an interactive process. Please keep in mind that the instructor may have structured his or her curriculum with accommodations built into the design of the course. Information about the nature of the disability you experience is confidential. You are not required to share disability information with your instructor.

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