Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing services

Services such as ASL interpreting, TypeWell and CART are available to assist students who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing in both credit and non-credit college courses and related activities.

Accommodation requests for registered classes should be submitted a minimum of four weeks before the term begins. Students are encouraged to use priority registration through the Disability Services office. To find out the dates and make an appointment for priority registration, contact Disability Services.

How to Obtain Services

Request for Registered Classes
Make an appointment with an accommodation specialist to request services. Once the request is approved, the student must provide their "student detail schedule" to the accommodation specialist and input their course data (CRN numbers) into the AIM database. If there are any changes, please notify the accommodation specialist as soon as possible.

Miscellaneous Requests(meetings with instructors, tutoring appointments, etc.)
For miscellaneous requests fill out a "Request for Sign Language Interpreter" form. This form can be found at the front desk in the Disability Services office. Be sure to fill out the form completely with all pertinent information (type of activity, day/time, campus, building and room, interpreter or transcriber service requested). Return the form to the Disability Services front desk to be date stamped and take the yellow copy.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Submit requests in a timely manner
    1. Classroom Requests: You should allow four weeks advance notice. If a service provider cannot be found, your accommodations specialist will contact you to discuss other arrangements.
    2. Take advantage of priority registration.
    3. Miscellaneous Requests: We will try to fill these requests as soon as possible, but may need up to two weeks before event.
  2. Attend class regularly
    1. If you will be absent, you must notify the Disability Services office as soon as possible (at least one hour before class) You do not need to give a reason for the absence-informing the office that you do not need the service for that day is what is important. If you know this ahead of time (planned vacation), etc.) please let us know as soon as possible.
    2. No-show: If you are absent and did not inform the Disability Services office ahead of time, this will be considered a "no-show".
    3. After three hours of uninformed absences your services in that class will be temporarily suspended.
      1. You must make an appointment with your accommodations specialist before services will be reinstated.
      2. If your total absences become excessive, your accommodations specialist may wish to meet with you to discuss your academic progress.
  3. Be on time
    1. The interpreter will wait ten minutes per hour of class for a maximum of thirty minutes. After that time, the interpreter will report your absence.
  4. Use your service appropriately
    1. Work with the interpreter to determine where you should both sit so you can see clearly and participate in class.
    2. If you have a question or miss something, raise your hand and ask the speaker to repeat it.
    3. If you have any concerns about the interpreter's work (quality, professionalism, etc.), contact the Disability Services office.
    4. If you have any concerns about your classes or instructors, contact an accommodations specialist.

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