In-class assistance (ICA)

Requests should be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to your need.

In-class assistants are assigned to eligible students and attend class to perform academic-related tasks. Duties may include –

  • Setting up materials
  • Doing the "hands-on" work in labs
  • Describing visual work presented in class

How to obtain this service

Request an in-class assistant (ICA) from an accommodations specialist. Once your eligibility has been established you will need to complete the following step each term –

  • Enter the CRNs for each class you have registered for in the AIM Database

Student responsibilities

  • Attend class regularly
    • If you will be absent, you must notify the Disability Services front desk as soon as possible at 503.399.5192
  • Be on time for class
    • The ICA will wait fifteen minutes; if you do not arrive within that time, the ICA will return to Disability Services and report your absence
  • Immediately notify the Disability Services front desk if your ICA is absent or comes in late
  • Immediately contact the Disability Services front desk if there is any concerns with your ICA or if your schedule changes


Salem campus
Building 2, Room 174
Phone: 503.399.5192
Fax: 503.399.6178