Note-Taking Services

If you are eligible for note-taking you should work with your accommodation specialist to select the best method that will meet your needs.

Note-Taking Volunteers

You may choose to locate your own note-takers or ask that your instructor identify suitable classmates. Our office can provide you with note-taking information and specialized paper you can give to your note taker. If you do not have a note taker set up by the end of the first week of class, contact your accommodation specialist.

How to Obtain this Service

Request this service from your accommodations specialist. Upon approval, the accommodation will be noted on the Approved Academic Accommodations letter that will be e-mailed to your instructor after you have entered CRNs in AIM for the current term. You may discuss your specific needs when you meet to discuss the letter. You may ask that your identity not be disclosed to the class.

Note-Taking Method

NCR notepaper makes carbonless notes and the Disability Services office provides free packs (twenty sheets). A volunteer classmate takes notes for you and then gives you copies at the end of class.

Audio Recorders

Audio recorders are available to tape lectures and class discussions.

How to Obtain this Service

Request this equipment from the accommodation specialist. Upon approval from the accommodation specialist, you will enter the current term's CRNs in the AIM Database. Once your request is in AIM, someone at the AIM help desk will check-out the recorder to you.

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