Testing Accommodations

Disability Services provides accommodations for class exams.

These are always proctored and may include accommodations such as –

  • A reader and/or scribe
  • Extended time
  • A reduced distraction room
  • Special equipment
  • A raised workspace

These services are for students who have been approved for this accommodation.

How to Obtain this Service

  1. Contact your accommodation specialist to determine your eligibility
  2. Use your Approved Academic Accommodations letter to discuss your specific testing needs with your instructor
    1. The two of you may agree to make your own test accommodation arrangements or use Disability Services
  3. If you choose to use Disability Services with your approved accommodations, you and your instructor must complete the following steps –
    1. The instructor completes the test contract (link is provided in your accommodation letter)
    2. Student schedules testing time/date with Disability Services at least 2 days in advance, 5 days for final exams
    3. The instructor delivers the test to Disability Services
    4. Student is responsible for scheduling appointments in a timely manner for every test

Student Responsibilities

  • You are ultimately responsible for requesting the service
    • If you don't give your instructor or Disability Services adequate notice that you need accommodations and arrangements cannot be set up in time, you must either accept the accommodations available or accept the instructor's policies regarding late/make-up exams
  • You must arrive on time for your testing appointment and be ready to work
    • If you are late, your appointment time will not be adjusted and you will have to complete your exam in the remaining appointment time
    • Be sure to take care of personal errands prior to your appointment (such as using the restroom and purchasing a scantron)
  • If you are suspected of or caught cheating, your instructor will be notified immediately and will be responsible for appropriate discipline
    • See the college's academic honesty policy
  • All testing areas have been designated as fragrance-free areas
    • You must avoid wearing perfumed products in the testing area
  • The test must be completed in one session
    • You may not begin the exam, stop it, and then return at another time to finish it
  • Only items approved by your instructor (and listed on your test instruction sheet) may be taken into the testing area
    • All other belongings (including purses and cell phones) must be left outside the testing area and Chemeketa Community College accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items
    • Prior arrangements must be approved for beverages and food to be in the testing area
    • Cell phones and pagers must be turned off while you are testing
  • Instructor approval is required to reschedule an exam appointment
  • Disability Services is not responsible for providing you with any testing supplies such as –
    • Scantron sheets
    • Blue books
    • Writing instruments
    • Rulers
    • Graph paper
    • Calculators

Other Information

  • Many students find it helpful to schedule all testing appointments for a course at the beginning of the term
  • Sometimes instructors need a reminder to deliver exams on time

Contact Us

Salem Campus
Building 2, Room 174
Phone: 503.399.5192
Fax: 503.399.6178