Building an Evacuation Plan

The content of this document is for informational purposes only. It is not intended for medical or legal advice.

This information provides a general guideline of evacuation procedures for people with special needs and/or disabilities in case of fire and other building emergencies. Chemeketa students and employees who may require special assistance in the event of an emergency evacuation should consider filling out the Chemeketa Community College Special Assistance/Emergency Preparedness form.

Employees and students who require special assistance are encouraged to develop their own facilities evacuation plans and identify their primary and secondary evacuation routes from each building they use. Individual emergency evacuation preparation should include —

Note: Most Chemeketa Community College buildings have accessible exits at the ground level floor which can be used during an emergency. In other buildings, individuals should work with the Chemeketa's risk manager or the Disability Services office to identify safe areas to stay during an emergency until rescue assistance arrives or to arrange for alternative methods of accessibility.

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