Developing a Plan for an Evacuation

Persons with disabilities utilizing Chemeketa Community College's campus are asked to take responsibility in developing their personal emergency evacuation plans.

Knowledge and preparation by both persons with special needs and/or disabilities and persons without disabilities is key to reducing the impact of emergencies. When developing a plan, safety needs should be determined on a case-by-case basis because they vary with each individual and building.


If you wish to develop an evacuation plan or discuss developing a plan with someone with a disability and are concerned about confidentiality, it is recommended that —

  • If you are a student with a disability or other special needs during an emergency, contact:
    Disability Services Office
    4000 Lancaster Dr. NE
    Building 2, Room 174
    Salem, Oregon, 97305

  • If you are a faculty, staff or an employee with a disability, or wish to assist a person with a disability, contact the Risk Manager:
    4000 Lancaster Dr. NE
    Building 2, Room 214
    Salem, Oregon, 97305

General Tips for Developing a Plan

  • Make two plans - one for use if you can be assisted by others and one if you are alone
  • Ask others for input, such as community directors, staff, faculty, supervisors, and co-workers
  • Contact the Disability Services Coordinator or the College's Risk Management Director
  • Choose two evacuation routes for each building
  • Set up a buddy system
  • Do not consider using elevators in your plan
  • Consider alternative carry and/or communication methods, if necessary
  • Think about your needs for preparedness kits, for example, disability related equipment, communication devices, service animal food
  • Have a list of all your medications (name, dose, frequency, and name of doctor)
  • Attach written instructions to all disability related equipment
  • Consider using door/window markers so emergency personnel will know your location
  • Contact Chemeketa Community College's Public Safety office when you are in buildings after hours 503.399.5023 (Salem campus only)
  • Have easy access to emergency contact information at all times
  • Participate in drills and review effectiveness of plan

Buddy System

  • Buddies need to be willing and capable of assisting in an evacuation
  • Persons with disabilities and buddies must be able to contact each other quickly
  • Designate at least two buddies
  • Persons with disabilities should train buddies when their plans are completed

Contact Us

Salem Campus
Building 2, Room 174
Phone V/TTY: 503.399.5192
Fax: 503.399.6178