How to Get Disability Accommodation Services

1. Apply for Disability Services
2. Follow the steps to obtain services

3. When requesting accommodations, your responsibilities include—

  • Providing current documentation from a qualified professional identifying—
    • The nature of your disability
    • How it substantially limits a major life activity
    • Outlines the functional limitations related to that condition
  • Paying for any medical/psychological assessments and/or record request fees
  • Requesting your accommodations—
    • As soon as possible after registering for classes
    • Making the request by entering Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) in Disability Services' AIM Database after registering for classes
  • Communicating with each of your instructors regarding your accommodation needs each term
  • Following the Student Rights and Privileges
  • Resolving accommodation/services disagreements as outlined on our website
  • Contacting Disability Services if you cannot make any scheduled Disability Services appointments (accommodation meeting, testing, in-class assistant)
  • Meeting with your Accommodation Specialist each year to approve accommodations.

Contact Us

Contact the Salem campus for accommodations in Salem, Woodburn, Polk, Brooks, Chemeketa Center for Business and Industry (CCBI) and Eola.

Salem campus: Room 174, Building 2
Phone: 503.399.5192
Fax: 503.399.6178
E-mail: Disability Services
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 am-5 pm

Yamhill Valley Campus
Phone: 503.399.5192
Fax: 503.399.6178
E-mail: Disability Services
Hours: By appointment