Answers to FAQs about eTutoring

The following are a list of questions that you may have about online tutoring. If you have other questions or concerns please contact the Tutoring Center:

What does online tutoring cost?

Online tutoring is a free service to all Chemeketa students (full-time and part-time) currently registered in credit classes.

How often can I access this service?

As a Chemeketa student you have unlimited access.

What subjects are offered in eTutoring?

There are a number of subjects including:

  • Accounting,
  • Math,
  • Science,
  • Writing...and more.

For a complete list, see the eTutoring login page.

When are tutors available?

Tutors are generally available in the evenings and on the weekends. For a complete list of availability check out the tutor schedule. This is found on the bottom left corner of the eTutoring home page (after you have logged in). Or, take a look at the online schedule.

What do I do if my username and/password do not work?

You should first check that you are using the correct username and password for the current term. Your username will match your My Chemeketa username. If you have used eTutoring before and changed your password, use your old password instead of the one sent to you. For assistance, please contact us.

How can I access technical support?

You should contact the eTutoring help desk (toll free) at 1.866.462.8352. The phone number along with other information such as hours of support can be found on the support page linked at the top of each eTutoring page.

If, after contacting them, you still have questions then please contact the Tutoring Center at 503.399.5190.

What are the system requirements for eTutoring?

You can use any internet connected computer to access eTutoring. Any modern browser that supports Flash and JavaScript should work. eChat meetings are live meetings that have audio/video capabilities, so having access to speakers, a microphone, and/or camera is strongly encouraged (but not required). A pen input tablet can also be helpful for hand-writing directly on the on-screen whiteboard (again, not required).