Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Degree

The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree is the core curriculum of a liberal arts education. This core includes coursework in foundational and discipline studies areas. You will be taking courses in writing, communication, mathematics, social sciences, and art and letters, among others. In addition, you are encouraged to explore a broad range of subjects through elective coursework.

Students who earn an AAOT degree from Chemeketa have fulfilled the lower division general education requirements at any of the four-year colleges in the Oregon University System. If you enroll full time, it usually takes two years to meet the AAOT requirements.

Beginning summer term 2010, there are changes to the AAOT degree that are consistent across all of Oregon's 17 community colleges. Two content areas are now embedded in required courses

Revisions to the Degree

  • Information Literacy — this content is embedded in the writing requirements of the degree
  • Cultural Literacy — this requirement is met by taking one course in the area of discipline studies that is designated as meeting the statewide requirement
  • Courses not credits are required to meet the degree requirements (90 credit hours total)

If you began taking classes under the previous AAOT degree requirements you may have a choice to use the new degree requirements. Please see an academic advisor or counselor to help you make that decision.

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