Dual Enroll with Chemeketa and OIT

Start your bachelor’s degree at Chemeketa and finish with Oregon Institute of Technology. The dual enrollment agreement provides an opportunity for students to complete one application process for enrollment at Chemeketa and OIT allowing students to access services at both institutions. Many dually enrolled students will enroll concurrently at each institution to fulfill their educational goals and needs. Chemeketa and OIT have degree programs that maximize credit transfer for students. OIT is a 4-year public university with programs in Klamath Falls and Portland. The dual enrollment program is open to all U.S. citizens and residents.

What are the benefits?

  • One application process for both Chemeketa and OIT
  • Chemeketa/OIT advising available at either campus
  • Increased flexibility in scheduling with access to more classes
  • Opportunity to access services and participate in college life on both campuses
  • Financial aid available for qualified students admitted under the dual enrollment program
  • Access to library and computer lab resources on both campuses
  • Skill-building through preparatory courses at Chemeketa and lower division courses at either Chemeketa or OIT
  • Special articulation agreements that match courses from Chemeketa to specific programs at OIT. For more information check out this link:
  • Easier transition from Chemeketa to OIT

What are the requirements?

Chemeketa/OIT Dual Enrollment Program Minimum Requirements for Admission Consideration:

How do I get more information?

Go to www.oit.edu to find out more about degree programs and OIT location offerings.

For admission questions contact OIT at:
1.800.422.2017 or 541.885.1150 or 503.821.1250
You can also e-mail them at the Klamath Falls office: E-mail or Portland office: E-mail.

How do I apply?

To apply visit: http://www.oit.edu/admissions, choose OIT - Chemeketa CC Dual App and click "Continue."