Active Majors List

Open Majors (No Approval Required)
Area Major Title Certificate/Degree Major Code
Accounting Accounting AAS 0008
Accounting CERT 0066
Accounting Baccalaureate Preparation CERT 0118
Payroll CERT 0119
Tax Preparation CERT 0067
Agriculture Horticulture AAS 0026
Vineyard Management AAS 0018
Vineyard Operations CERT 0052
Winemaking AAS 0019
Apprenticeship Apprenticeship ND/CR 0100
Construction Trades Apprenticeship AAS 0030
Construction Trades Apprenticeship CERT 0083
Electrician Apprenticeship AAS 0031
Electrician Apprenticeship CERT 0084
Automotive Technology Auto Body Repair CERT 0050
Automotive Entry Level Technician CERT 0068
Automotive Machining CERT 0056
Business Technology Accounting Administrative Assistant AAS 0004
Administrative Office Professional AAS 0002
Business Software CERT 0080
Business Technology CERT 0081
Medical Administrative Assistant AAS 0035
Office Fundamentals CERT 0082
Virtual Office Assistant AAS 0039
Virtual Office Assistant CERT 0090
Computer Information Systems Computer Programming CERT 0069
Computer Systems and Information Technology AAS 0027
Systems Administration and Network Security CERT 0161
Web Developer CERT 0073
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Corrections Basic Corrections CERT 0094
Basic Law Enforcement CERT 0089
Criminal Justice AAS 0014
Juvenile Corrections CERT 0048
Juvenile Justice AAS 0025
Drafting Technology Architectural Drafting CERT 0062
Drafting Technology (CAD) AAS 0011
Drafting Technology (CAD) CERT 0054
Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Education AAS 0015
Early Childhood Education CERT 0049
Infant/Toddler CERT 0077
Preschool CERT 0078
Electronics Technologies Computer Electronics AAS 0012
Electronic Engineering AAS 0013
Electronics CERT 0087
Industrial Electronics AAS 0020
Networking Technology Essentials CERT 0151
Process Control CERT 0086
Process Control Technology AAS 0036
Renewable Energy Management AAS 0037
Fire Protection Technology Fire Prevention AAS 0003
Fire Service Supervision and Management CERT 0057
Health Information Management Basic Health Care CERT 0120
Human Services Human and Social Services Traditional Health Worker CERT 0093
Machining Technology Basic Manufacturing Technician CERT 0079
Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Operator CERT 0075
Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) AAS 0028
Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Fundamentals CERT 0074
Manual Machine Operator CERT 0076
Management Management AAS 0010
Procurement and Supply Chain Management AAS 0042
Procurement Management CERT 0092
Retail Management CERT 0060
Sustainability in Management CERT 0122
Not Program Specific Personal Enrichment-Credit ND/CR 0109
Personal Enrichment-Non-Credit ND/NC 0116
Undecided ND/CR 0112
Hospitality and Tourism Management Hospitality and Tourism Management AAS 0158
Hospitality and Tourism Management CERT 0159
Event Management CERT 0160
Tourism and Travel Management CERT 0154
Food and Beverage Management CERT 0152
Lodging Management CERT 0153
Welding ARC Welding CERT 0156
MIG Welding CERT 0157
General Degrees Lower Division-Associates of Science AS 0095
Lower Division-General Studies AGS 0044
Lower Division-Oregon Transfer AAOT 0001
Lower Division-Oregon Transfer Business ASOT 0124
Lower Division-Oregon Transfer Computer Science ASOT 0123

Limited Enrollment Majors - Entered at Enrollment Services Only Upon Formal Admission.
  • You may use the Change of Major form to request to be placed in one as a concentration under a general degree, use the list below as your guide to completing the form.
  • Adding a Limited Enrollment major as a concentration records your interest in being admitted to the program until you are formally accepted into the Limited Enrollment program.
  • Contact the department regarding the application deadlines and procedures for admission to their program
General Degree Major Title Major Code Area Concentration Title Certificate/ Degree Concentration Code
AGS General Studies 0044        
  Automotive Technology Automotive Technology AAS 0009
  Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Corrections Corrections AAS 0043
Law Enforcement AAS 0038
  Dental Dental Assisting CERT 0046
  Emergency Medical Technology/Paramedic Paramedicine AAS 0121
  Fire Protection Technology Fire Suppression AAS 0005
  Health Information Management Health Information Management AAS 0040
  Hemodialysis Hemodialysis Technician CERT 0088
  Human Services Addiction Counselor Certification Preparation CERT 0051
Addiction Studies AAS 0016
Social Services AAS 0017
  Medical Assisting Medical Assisting CERT 0091
  Pharmacy Pharmacy Management AAS 0029
Pharmacy Technician CERT 0064
  Robotics Robotics AAS 0155
  Speech Language Pathology Speech Language Pathology Assistant CERT 0055
Speech Language Pathology Assistant AAS 0021
  Visual Communications Graphic Design AAS 0034
Interactive Media AAS 0033
  Welding Welding CERT 0061
Welding AAS 0024
  Building Inspection Technology Building Inspection Technology AAS 0127
AAOT Associate Arts Oregon Transfer 0001        
  Nursing Nursing AAS 0007
Practical Nursing CERT 0047