Change Your Major or Graduation Catalog

Follow the simple steps outlined below to change your major and/or graduation catalog requirements year. Keeping your academic record up-to-date is important to your academic progress, enrollment, and financial aid.

Graduation requirements are based on your catalog year. By default your catalog is set as the academic year in which you record your major with the college. For you and your advisor to track your progress in Chemeketa’s degree tracking tool it is important that you record your major with the college as soon as possible after choosing it.

To Change your Major -

  1. Use the Active Major list to find the major and degree/certificate you intend to pursue
    • Changing your major may impact your financial aid and/or veterans benefits.
  2. For an open major -
  3. Limited Enrollment majors require a student to go through a separate admission process to be accepted to the program.
    • The Change of Major form can ONLY be used to declare your interest in a Limited Enrollment program. It is not to be used to request full admission to the program.
      1. Admission procedures and application deadlines for each Limited Enrollment program can be found on the programs page of our website.
    • To use the Change of Major to declare your interest in a Limited Enrollment program; request to be placed in the general degree, major, and concentration code associated with the Limited Enrollment major that you ultimately wish to enter.

To Change your Catalog Term -

Chemeketa policy allows students that have attended within the last five years, and that have not had a break in enrollment of two years or more during that time, to choose to graduate under any set of major requirements available within the last 5 years. You may choose to graduate under a different catalog term than the default assigned to you. Consult an advisor if you are unsure what catalog term best suits your situation.

  1. Identify the catalog term that best suits your situation
    • It must be within the last 5 years
      1. You must have attended within the last 5 years
      2. You must not have had a break in enrollment of 2 years or more during the last 5 years
  2. Complete the Graduation Catalog section of the Change of Major And/Or Graduation Catalog form
    • Enter the Catalog Year under which you intend to complete your degree.
  3. Sign the form and submit it to -
    • Enrollment Services, Bldg. 2, Room 200, Salem Campus
      1. Or scan and email the form from your My Chemeketa email account to