• Residency for tuition purposes is determined at the time of admission to Chemeketa
  • Changes to residency status will be applied to the current or future terms only
  • You are considered an Oregon student if you have established a permanent residence within the state at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the term and we may ask you to provide information proving you meet the residence requirement
  • You are considered an out-of-state student if your permanent address is outside of Oregon
  • You are considered an international student if you are required to have an I-20 immigration document
  • If you are Choice Act Veteran you must contact the Chemeketa Veterans Services office first to determine your eligibility
  • If a student changes residency to out of the state they will no longer be considered Oregon residents and out-of-state tuition fees would apply.

The table below is an explanation of the different categories from which you may be assessed residency status for tuition purposes. You may be eligible to change residency status if you are transitioning from a non-resident tuition category to a resident tuition category.

Residency Status Description Tuition
In-State Student American citizen or immigrants with a permanent resident status in Oregon. Students must establish permanent residence for 90 days prior to beginning of term. Resident Tuition
Student with Non-Immigrant Visa Student holding one of the following approved nonimmigrant visa (E, G, O, U, V) Resident Tuition
International Student Students holding an I-20 from Chemeketa or a student under the following visas (B, F, H, J) International Student Tuition
Out-of-State Student residing in states outside of Oregon Out-of-State Tuition
Domestic Distance Education Students Students who reside in the USA or US territories Resident Tuition
International Distance Education Students International Students International Student Tuition
Choice Act Veterans * As defined by Section 702 of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act2 Resident Tuition

*If you are Choice Act Veteran you must contact the Chemeketa Veterans Services office first to determine your eligibility.

To Request a Change In Your Residency –

  1. Contact Enrollment Services to request an address update and "Application to Change Residency" form
  2. Complete the Application To Change Residency form and submit it along with the required documentation to Enrollment Services, Salem campus, Bldg 2, Room 200
  3. In order to be considered for a change, Chemeketa requires proof of residency. A permanent residence shall be verified by specific documentation. Please provide at least one document that includes a date to show your physical presence and intent to reside in Oregon, your name, and your physical address in Oregon. Such documentation may include, but is not limited to:

    • Oregon Driver License or ID Card
    • Jury Duty Summons
    • Bank account statements
    • Selective Service registration
    • Oregon State Income Tax form
    • Recent Veteran: LES, DD214
    • Current W-2
    • Active Duty military ID, copy of orders in Oregon
    • Oregon Voter registration card
    • Utility bills (gas, water, power, telephone)
    • Immigration documents (Visa, change of status application verification)
    • Documentation of entry into a legal agreement in Oregon (marriage, divorce, etc…)
    • Documentation of ownership of residential property or of continuous occupancy of rented or leased property in Oregon
    • Documentation of public assistance, rehabilitation, unemployment or other Oregon state services