How to Enroll –

  1. Apply for admission as a guest student (No application fee)
    • Select "for personal enrichment" as your primary reason for attendance
    • Select "no, just taking classes" when asked if you plan to earn a degree or certificate at Chemeketa
    • Select associate degree, bachelor's degree or master's degree under prior college experience
  2. See our class schedules or search our classes

  3. Check your registration status
    Log in to My Chemeketa to set up your Chemeketa e-mail account and check your registration date and time.

  4. Fix your registration holds or errors (if applicable)
    (You can copy the e-mail address and paste it into your preferred e-mail provider)
    • Your unofficial transcript
    • K# (Chemeketa student ID #)
    • Course(s) you want to take
    Learn more about prerequsites

  5. Register for classes
    Log in to My Chemeketa to check your registration date and time
  6. Arrange for payment

For more information about admissions, please call 503.399.5000 or e-mail us.