Oaxaca, Mexico

Travel date June 12–21, 2014

Deadline March 7, 2013

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Oaxaca Application

For more information contact Cecelia Monto 503.399.6564

Build cultural competency and study the concept of education as empowerment in Oregon and Mexico, while participating in international service. To gain greater understanding of global and local educational concerns students will examine the cultural foundations of education and compare/contrast educational experiences, attitudes and opportunities in the U.S. and Mexico. Students will examine poverty abroad and at home and its implications for student achievement and educational perceptions. Four class sessions are held summer term before the trip, and then
students participate in a 10-day educational service learning project in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Barcelona, Spain

Travel date March 24–June 2, 2015

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Barcelona Application

Please see Teter Kapan at 503.399.5141 before submitting any applications for OIEC Study Abroad programs.

Barcelona is the exciting new destination for OIEC students, with a central location in Europe, mild Mediterranean climate, renowned soccer team, and an international student scene. Learning opportunities abound in the Catalonian cuisine and culture, Roman ruins, rich art museums, historical churches and capricious architecture.