Meet Our Staff

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Meet Our Staff

Located in Building 2, Room 174

Manuel Guerra

Dean of Student Rentention & College Life and International Programs

International Programs is a part of the Student Retention and College life department, which is supervised by Manuel Guerra. If you need an appointment to see Manuel, please contact Yesica Navarro, Administrative Assistant.

Teter Kapan

Director of International Programs

Office 503.399.5141 | Cell 503.428.0399 | e-mail

Teter serves as the Director International Programs and coordinates International Education opportunities for Chemeketa. She serves as the Principal Designated School Official (PDSO) for Chemeketa.

She also can be contacted regarding the following items–

  • Recruitment and promotions
  • International Partnerships
  • Emergency assistance
  • Study Abroad
  • CG 103 College success and career planning class

Vincent Konchellah

International Student Advisor

Office 503.365.4649 | Cell 503.510.9443 | e-mail

Vincent is the primary advisor for international students taking college level classes and he assists with the following–

  • Academic and career advising for college level students
  • Student Success Program
  • Community Resources
  • Events and club activities
  • Immigration needs as the Designated School Official (DSO) such as travel signatures, changing to college level, and other needs

Sheila Mullooly

Coordinator of the Chemeketa Language and Culture Institute (CLACI)

Office 503.315.4290 | Cell 503.551.9305 | e-mail

Sheila coordinates the Chemeketa Language and Culture Institute (CLACI). Sheila assists all CLACI students with the following items–

  • Intensive English placement
  • English language acquisition
  • College readiness
  • Academic Advising
  • Student Success Program
  • Conversation Table Program
  • Immigration needs as the Designated School Official (DSO) such as travel signatures, changing majors, and other needs. 

Yesica Navarro

Administrative Assistant

Office 503.399.5147 | e-mail

Yesica assists Student Retention & College Life and International Programs with administrative support.

International Ambassadors

Office 503.365.4686 | e-mail

These student leaders work with International and local students. They provide information, assist with orientations and events. Work schedules are available each term.

They also assist with the following items–

  • Arrival and Housing assistance
  • Change of address
  • Conversation Table schedules
  • General information on activities or events
  • Campus tours
  • Making appointments with staff

More Information

If you would like more information about attending Chemeketa, please e-mail International Programs or call 503.365.4686 or fax 503.365.4768.