Chemeketa Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

Chemeketa's District

What is Chemeketa's district?

Our district includes most of Marion and Polk counties and parts of Yamhill and Linn counties. If your permanent residence is located within the boundaries of Chemeketa's district or if you attend high school within the district boundaries, you are eligible for the scholarship. If you’re not sure, you can contact your county’s elections office to verify.

Which high schools are in Chemeketa’s district?

If you are graduating from one of these schools, you are eligible for Chemeketa Scholars.

Abiqua Academy
Countryside Christian
Crosshill Christian
Early College
Falls City
Grace Academy

Livingstone Adventist
Mid-Valley Christian
Morrison Alternative
North Marion
North Salem
Oregon School for the Blind
Oregon School for the Deaf
Robert Farrell
Roberts (all programs)
Saint John Bosco
Saint Paul
Salem Academy
Sheridan (all schools)
Sheridan Japanese
South Salem
West Salem
Western Mennonite
Willamette Valley Baptist
Willamette Valley Christian
Woodburn (all schools)

How to Apply

When can I apply for the scholarship?

See Chemeketa Scholars dates and deadlines. Applications submitted before the application period will be returned to you. Late and incomplete applications will not be considered.

Can I mail my application materials?

No, you must hand-deliver your completed application materials to Chemeketa's Salem or Chemeketa Yamhill Valley. If you are unable to personally deliver your application packet, contact us.

About the Scholarship

What does the scholarship pay for?

The scholarship pays full tuition for up to two years. Fees, books and other miscellaneous expenses are not covered.

I am interested in earning a technical certificate or degree and not lower division transfer. Am I eligible?

Yes, technical certificate and associate degree programs are eligible.


Who qualifies for this scholarship?

Applicants must:
  • Be graduating with a regular diploma from a high school within Chemeketa's district or
    Be residing permanently within our district (if attending a high school outside our district)
    Be receiving a home-school diploma (while residing permanently within our district)
  • Have earned a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.50 or better (as of first semester/quarter grades of final year in high school).
  • Earn the required minimum placement on Chemeketa's placement test
  • Home-school students must have minimum ACT or SAT test scores
  • Enroll at Chemeketa in fall term immediately following your high school graduation or diploma completion
  • Enroll full-time at Chemeketa with a minimum of 12 credits

I am a home-schooled student. Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as your permanent residence is within Chemeketa's district and you earn the minimum ACT or SAT test scores. Your home-school status must also be registered with the Willamette Education Service District. You should have a WESD Home School Student Confirmation letter.

What if I didn't receive or cannot locate my WESD Home School Student Confirmation letter?

You can request a "verification" letter from the WESD confirming that you are a registered home-school student. For more information, contact the WESD Home School program at 503.385.4623.

I am graduating early from high school. Am I eligible?

Yes, seniors graduating a semester early and juniors graduating a year early are all eligible. Your cumulative, unweighted GPA must be 3.50 or better as of your first semester/quarter grades of your final year in high school. If your high school transcript indicates a graduation year other than the current year, provide a letter from your school indicating that you are graduating this year.

I am a 5th year high school student in Chemeketa's Early College program. Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as your high school transcript shows a cumulative, unweighted GPA is 3.50 or better.

I am earning a modified high school diploma. Am I eligible?

No, only students receiving a regular high school (or home school) diploma are eligible.

I don’t attend a high school within Chemeketa’s district, but I live within the district. Am I eligible?

Yes, as long as you can verify that your permanent residence is within the boundaries of Chemeketa's district. If you’re unsure, contact your county’s elections office. You also must have a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.50 or better (as of your first semester/quarter grades from your final year of high school).

I joined the military immediately after I graduated high school and have just been discharged. Am I eligible?

Yes, newly discharged military personnel are eligible as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Graduated from a high school within Chemeketa’s district
  • Graduated with a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 3.50 or better
  • Joined the military within three months of graduating from high school
  • Enroll at Chemeketa within six months of military discharge

I signed up for the military in high school and I will need to attend basic training during summer, fall or winter term after I graduate from high school. Will I be able to start at Chemeketa as a Scholar after I get back?

Yes, you must submit a complete Chemeketa Scholars application packet during the Scholars application period in order to confirm your eligibility as a Chemeketa Scholar. In addition to your application packet, please submit a letter that includes the dates of your training and your anticipated return.

If you have it, please also supply your military orders that would include this information or a letter from your military liaison explaining your assignment. The Chemeketa Scholars committee will review this and will respond with a letter explaining your steps for when you return from training in order to start receiving your scholarship.

I am an international (foreign exchange) student. Am I eligible?

No, this scholarship award is intended for students who reside permanently in the US and within our district only.

What if my high school GPA is 3.49 at the end of the first semester of my senior year?

A minimum 3.50 GPA is required to qualify for the scholarship. No exceptions will be granted and no appeals can be made for decisions regarding ineligibility due to grade point average.

What if I have a 3.499 cumulative GPA at the end of the first semester of my senior year?

The requirement is technically a 3.50 cumulative GPA. Rounding to the nearest 100th decimal point brings the 3.499 to a 3.50. A 3.49 GPA, however, does not meet the minimum requirement.

If my weighted GPA is 3.50 or better, am I eligible for the scholarship?

No, your GPA must be at least 3.50, unweighted.

If I have not achieved the minimum reading, writing or math placement, am I still eligible?

No, you must place into Reading 115, Writing 115 and Math 095 or higher.

Can I take the placement test more than once?

Yes, if you do not earn the required minimum placement, you can re-take the test for a $15 fee. In some instances, an alternative version of the placement test can be granted.

Can I use my Smarter Balanced scores instead of Chemeketa's placement test?

Yes, depending on your Smarter Balanced (SBAC) score, you may be exempt from taking Chemeketa’s placement test. Students need to bring a copy of their SBAC scores to any Chemeketa testing center to make their placement official. This must be done prior to submitting your Chemeketa Scholars application packet. Click here to see SBAC course placement chart.

Do I still need to take the placement test if I have earned Chemeketa credit?


Do I have to be eligible for federal financial aid in order to qualify for this scholarship?

No, you do not have to qualify for federal financial aid in order to be considered for Chemeketa Scholars. However, we still encourage you to apply for financial aid.

Can I enroll in summer or do I have to wait to start in fall?

You may start college either term. However, the scholarship benefits are available beginning fall term.

Can I take more than 12 credits per term?

Yes, the scholarship will pay up to a maximum of 18 credits each term, including the summer term between your first and second year.

Can I take classes at any Chemeketa location?

Yes, Chemeketa offers classes at a variety of locations. You may take your classes at locations convenient for you, including online.

What if I enroll as a full-time student with 12 credits but I drop some classes?

You must earn a total of 36 credits by the end of spring term. If 12 credits are not completed during a term, the remaining credits must be made up before the end of spring term. For example, if you register for 12 credits during winter term, but drop a class and only complete nine credits, you would need to take 15 credits during spring term to make up those three credits in order to have a total of 36 credits by the end of the academic year.

I'm graduating early from high school and I want to take classes at Chemeketa before the Chemeketa Scholars program begins in the fall. Will I still be eligible for the program if I take classes in the spring or summer?

The Chemeketa Scholars scholarship begins the fall term immediately following high school graduation. Enrolling in courses at Chemeketa prior to fall term will not affect your Chemeketa Scholars eligibility. You will be responsible for paying tuition, fees, etc. for classes taken prior to fall term.

Maintaining Your Scholarship

I understand that I must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or better while enrolled at Chemeketa. When are GPAs checked for eligibility?

Grades are checked at the end of spring term to verify that a cumulative 3.25 GPA has been maintained to determine eligibility for the following year.

I earned Chemeketa credit while in high school. Will those credits and grades count toward the minimum 36 credits and 3.25 cumulative GPA needed to maintain my scholarship for the second year?

No, only credits and grades earned as a Chemeketa Scholar will be factored into the minimum GPA and credit requirement. If you would like assistance determining your Chemeketa Scholars credits and cumulative GPA, call 503.584.7285.

Can I repeat a class and replace with a higher grade to improve my cumulative GPA?

Yes, college policy allows for a course to be repeated and the lower grade (grades B - F) replaced with an "R." The R is excluded from the calculation of your grade point average and the associated course does not count toward your total number of credit hours. Before making the decision to replace grade, consult with an advisor to determine how this might impact your Chemeketa Scholars eligibility. Learn more about grade repeat.

More Information

If you would like more information about Chemeketa Scholars, contact us at 503.584.7285 or by e-mail.