Federal Work-Study

Students that are awarded Federal Work-Study are notified on their award letter. The FAFSA is the application for federal work-study. A very limited amount of funding is available for federal work-study each school year. Students reapply for federal work-study with a new FAFSA each school year.

The federal work-study placement process is self-service. Work-study is awarded to eligible students who apply for federal financial aid. Follow all the instructions below even if you are returning to a FWS job you had last year. And you will want to understand your responsibilities.

Step 1 - Locate a Job Opportunity

  1. Log on to My Chemeketa
  2. Select the Services tab, then select Awards & status in the right side menu.
  3. Click on Federal Work Study
    • A list of all currently-available FWS positions will be displayed.
  4. To narrow the search, click on the arrow at the right of one of the option fields
    • (Job Type, Supervisor, Job Title, Job Location)
  5. Click on a job title to see detailed information. This opens a new window.
  6. If you decide it is not a job you want to apply for, click "Close" to return to the job list.
  7. If you meet the requirements and want to apply for this job, click on "View Referral" and then click on "Activate this referral".
    • You can have a maximum of two referrals active at one time
    • Referrals can only be inactivated by the financial aid work study coordinator
  8. If the referral does not print correctly, log on to my.chemeketa.edu at a different computer
  9. Go to the FWS job list, and click on the link to "My referrals"
  10. Select the referral needed, and follow the printing instructions

Step 2 - Contact the Hiring Supervisor

  1. Phone the supervisor and make an appointment for a job interview
  2. At the interview, if you and the supervisor agree that the placement will be acceptable, decide together on your starting date and enter it on the line provided on the referral form
  3. Set up a work schedule based on the maximum hours per term printed on your referral, the times you have available outside class, and the supervisor's requirements
  4. Your supervisor will fill out the hiring checklist indicating which documents are needed for employment in the position

Step 3 - Complete pre employment paperwork - MUST BE DONE PRIOR TO WORKING

  1. Bring your signed referral and hiring checklist to Human Resources Bldg. 2 Rm 214
  2. See the Instructions for Employment Eligibility Verification form for details of documentation for employment
  3. Tell HR staff if you worked at Chemeketa last year
  4. When your forms are complete, the HR staff member will accept your referral and employment can begin, unless a background check is required
    • If so, employment can begin AFTER the results of the background check have been received and HR has contacted your supervisor that you may begin working

Step 4 - Complete the Hiring Process

  1. You can have only one FWS job at a time
    • Any exceptions must be approved in advance by the financial aid office.
  2. You and the supervisor must each sign and date the form as indicated
    • Expired referrals will not be accepted
    • Check the expiration date in the upper right corner
    • Both you and the supervisor should keep a photo copy of the form for reference
  3. Pick up a timesheet at the Enrollment Center and record your hours each day

Step 5 - (if needed) Cancel Unsuccessful Referrals and Re-apply

  1. If you are not hired on either of your active referrals, take the referrals to Financial Aid to be cancelled
    • You can then repeat the job selection process
  2. If you don't find a job that will work for you, check again in a couple of days
    • New jobs may be posted periodically during the first two weeks of term