Work Study Responsibilities

Record your hours accurately each time you work. Do not wait until the end of the pay period and try to reconstruct your work times.

Submit a completed, signed timesheet to your supervisor by close of business on either the 15th of each month, or, if the 15th is on a weekend or holiday, on the last business day before the 15th. If your timesheet is late, you will not be paid until the following pay period.

Update your address and phone number with the offices of Admissions and Payroll any time there is a change. Paychecks are mailed, and cannot be forwarded to a new address on the basis of a forwarding order filed with your post office.

Promptly complete a new W-4 form in the Payroll office if your marital status or tax withholding status changes during the year.

Chemeketa is committed to providing its students and employees with an environment focused on learning and growth, free of discrimination or harassment. Such behaviors are not tolerated and are against college policy. Students and employees are expected to keep Chemeketa's work and educational environment free of any conduct that causes intimidation, hostility or discrimination. Pick up a copy of the harassment policy in the Human Resources office. If you have questions or concerns, contact a member of the harassment network or the FWS coordinator.

Payday is the last business day of each month. If you do not receive your check in the mail by the third business day of the following month, verify with your supervisor that your timesheet was submitted on time. If it was, contact the Payroll office at 503.399.5013 or in Bldg. 2, Rm. 214 of the Salem campus.

You may choose to have your paycheck direct deposited. Take a voided check to Payroll and complete any necessary forms.

If you drop below 6 credits, or withdraw from all of your classes, you must stop working immediately.

If you have questions, please e-mail from your My Chemeketa e-mailbox. Include both your name and student ID number (K#) or call 503.399.5018.

Please do not ask FWS questions at Human Resources. Their role in the placement process is to help you with the employment process only.