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You should contact Veterans' Services as soon as possible after class registration each term so we may verify that the courses you have registered for are required for your program and are eligible for benefits. We ask that you contact the Chemeketa Veterans' Services office with questions about verifying class registration.

Four times each term, the Veterans’ Services staff is required to verify that students who are receiving VA educational benefits remain registered for the classes they originally requested benefits for. If you add or drop a class that changes your training time (Chapter 30, Chapter 31, Chapter 35, Chapter 1606 & Chapter 1607) or either changes your rate of pursuit and/or the cost of your tuition & fees (Chapter 33 only), this information will be reported to the VA.

We will also report to the VA if you drop a class that is eligible for benefits and add a class that is not eligible for benefits as outlined in the Chemeketa college catalog for your declared degree or program and –

  • The class is not a required program or academic prerequisite, and
  • The change alters your  training time (full-time, three-quarter time, half-time) or
  • Your rate of pursuit

Registration Verification Schedule

Verification is done –

  • At the beginning of the third week of each term
  • The 31st day of the term (the day after the last day to drop a class without incurring a VA overpayment penalty)
  • The beginning of the 7th week of the term
  • The day after the last day to drop a class without a responsibility for a grade

Limited staffing in the Chemeketa Community College Veterans’ Services office does not allow us to inform you when changes impacting benefit payments are reported to the VA.

If you have requested VA benefits, you must also follow normal school procedures for add/drops. All add/drops must immediately be reported to the Veterans' Services Office. You will complete and sign a Change in Veteran Educational Benefit Enrollment Status Request. If you are unable to visit our office in person, send an e-mail notifying us of the change. The e-mail should include your –

  • Name
  • K#
  • Name of program or degree
  • The class her or she wishes to add or drop

In order to protect your privacy, requests to drop a class are not taken over the phone - a signed authorization of e-mail is required.

If you drop below the number of certified hours before the end of the fourth week of the term, the VA will pay benefits through the last date of attendance in the class or classes.

If you drop below the number of certified hours after the fourth week of the term, the VA will probably charge an overpayment back to the beginning of the term. If there are mitigating circumstances, and they are accepted by the VA, the overpayment may be reduced or waived. You must submit the mitigating circumstances in writing to the VA if you wish a waiver of overpayment to be considered. Your statement needs to be accompanied by a statement from an involved person (such as a doctor, employer, family counselor, etc.)

For More Information

If you would like additional information, please contact us at 503.399.5004 or via e-mail. You may also fax us at 503.399.3908.