Requesting an R Grade

chemeketa students

Repeating courses

You may repeat a Chemeketa course and request to have the original grade changed to an R if you receive a higher grade the second time.  The first grade must have been punitive (B, C, D, or F). I, M, and X are non-punitive grades and cannot be changed to an R which is also non-punitive (meaning that it is not calculated into the GPA).

Both courses must have been taken at Chemeketa. Courses transferred from another institution are not eligible for an R grade.

Please be aware that VA only allows payment for punitive grades that are calculated in GPA and apply toward completion of the certified program.

Students receiving VA educational benefits may only repeat a course if they previously failed the same class OR the grade they received did not meet minimum requirements (i.e., a grade of "D" for a Math, Writing or Communications class, when the minimum grade required is a "C" or a grade of "D" when the degree requirement for any class is a minimum grade of "C").

Please contact Chemeketa Veterans' Services if you have any questions on requesting an "R" grade.


If you would like additional information, please contact us at 503.399.5004 or via e-mail. You may also fax us at 503.399.3908.