Shorter Classes

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Classes That Do Not Meet the Entire Length of the Term

While most classes at Chemeketa begin the first week of the term and end the last week of the term, some classes do not.  These shorter classes have the potential to reduce the amount of benefits you receive and are referred to as Part of Term classes.

If a course of instruction does not meet for the entire term (class does not begin the first week of the term and/or end the last week of the term), the VA requires the actual beginning and ending dates of the course or courses to be reported and will only pay benefits for the period of time a course is in session.  As an example, if you take two 4 credit classes that run the entire length of the term and one 4 credit class that is 5 weeks long, you would be full time while all classes are in session but half-time/70% once the 5 week class ends.   All student’s should review the actual beginning and ending dates of their classes when registering for classes each term as outlined in the term’s class schedule and ask Veterans’ Services what the potential impact on their benefits may be.

Tuition & fee costs for students using the Post 9/11 GI Bill are not reported to the VA until the first working day AFTER the last day to drop a class and receive a refund.  Tuition & fee costs for Part of Term classes are reported to the VA on the first business day after the class begins.  See the current term class schedule for these dates. Students with questions on this policy should speak with a staff member in Veterans’ Services.

 If you have questions regarding classes that meet part of the term, please contact Chemeketa Veterans' Services.


If you would like additional information, please contact us at 503.399.5004 or via e-mail. You may also fax us at 503.399.3908.