Tuition & fees

Coupled with numerous financial aid opportunities, a Chemeketa education is an affordable and smart investment.

The costs cited below are for tuition and general fees. Some classes have fees for online instruction ($50) materials or lab use. All fees for a class will appear totaled together in the 'Tui + Fee' column of the class schedule. Costs for credit classes are calculated on a per-credit basis. Tuition varies depending on your permanent residence.

Payment Due Date:Before the first day of the term or within ten days of registration (whichever is later) to avoid a $25 late fee. Additional late fees will be applied each term on unpaid accounts throughout the term. See more information on the late fees page.

Tuition & Fees to Increase effective Summer term 2017

The Chemeketa Board of Education has approved a tuition and Universal fee increase beginning summer term 2017. Tuition for Summer term has been set at $85 per credit and the Universal Fee has been set at $15 per credit. Total per credit cost will be $100.

The tuition rate per credit may be reduced by $1 (to $84 per credit) based on the Legislature’s funding of community colleges.  Should the Legislature fund community colleges in excess of $550 million, students will be charged $99 per credit in tuition and Universal fees combined. Student accounts will be adjusted accordingly.

Chemeketa’s in-state students now pay a total of $94 per credit in tuition and Universal fees. International and out-of-state students will see comparable tuition increases.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuition and Fee costs for Fall Term 2017 will not be posted to student accounts until August 1, 2017.

Credit Classes for Earning a Certificate or Degree

Effective Summer 2017 tuition and fees are -

  • Oregon students: $100 per credit
    $85 per credit plus $15 per credit universal fee
  • Out-of-State Students: $262 per credit
    $247 per credit plus $15 per credit universal fee
  • International Students: $262 per credit
    $247 per credit plus $15 per credit universal fee plus a non-refundable fee of $265 per term for students attending on an F1 visa. (Students attending on other visa types are charged a non-refundable fee of $75 per term.)

Oregon Student Tuition Calculator*

Tuition per credit:   $85
Universal Fee per credit:   $15
Number of credits:  
Number of terms:  
Estimated Tuition: $

* Tuition and universal fee rate is for the 2017-2018 academic year. Additional class fees may apply. See Estimated Student Budget Calculator for total estimated cost of attendance.

Residency Status

  • You are considered an Oregon student if you have established a permanent residence within the state at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the term. The college may ask you to provide information proving you meet the residence requirement.
  • You are considered an out-of-state student if your permanent address is outside of Oregon.
  • You are considered an international student if you are required to have an I-20 immigration document.
  • If you are a Choice Act Veteran you must contact the Chemeketa Veterans Services office first to determine your eligibility
  • You can find more information about changing your residency status on our Residency page

Noncredit Classes for Fun

Call 503.399.4949 for current class costs.

College preparation classes ABE, GED, ESL

Call 503.399.5224 for the current cost of ABE and GED classes.

Call 503.399.6298 for the current cost of non-credit ESOL classes.

Call the Testing Department at 503.399.6556 for the current fee to take the GED test.