Late Fees

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Late Fees

Late fees will be assessed on unpaid balances as follows:

Term First Late Fee $25 Second Late Fee $25 Third Late fee $25
Summer 2013 On unpaid accounts as of the first day of term and thereafter ten (10) days after registration Monday, July 22 Monday. August 12
Fall 2013 Friday, November 8 Friday, December 6
Winter 2014 Friday, February 14 Friday, March 14
Spring 2014 Friday, May 9 Friday, June 6

The maximum late fee per term is $75.

Failure to pay

A past due account may result in denial of future college services including registration, withholding of transcripts, denial of future credit, impairment of credit history, and additional assessment of collection charges and attorney fees.


Please call 503.399.5011 or e-mail Business Services.