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We strongly recommend homestay for the first term as an international student. It is one of the quickest ways for students toimprove their English language skills because they will have a family that is always available to talk to them; as well as help them get to know the area. Our host families live all over the Salem-Keizer area and all live near a bus stop so that students can have easy transportation to the college. Homestay forms will be e-mailed to students once they have completed their application.

  • • Our Basic Homestay program costs $400 per month.
  • • All homestays include all utilities and the internet.
  • • All homestays include a private bedroom with a bed and linens, desk, lamp, and shelves or drawers.
  • • Homestays do NOT include all meals; only one meal per week is included.
  • • You will most likely need to ride the bus to Chemeketa Community College; your family will help you understand the bus system and will ride with you the first time you take the bus.
  • • Once you are placed in a homestay we expect you to stay for the first term unless there are major problems. After the first term you may choose any housing option you would like.
  • • You will pay the first months’ rent at the Homestay Reception, and every month after on the same day.
  • • You will also need to bring a $200 deposit to give to your homestay family at the Homestay Reception.
  • • You should apply for homestay as soon as possible as we only have a limited number of families available and we cannot guarantee a homestay family placement.
  • • We have a limited number of Homestay Plus families that do provide ALL meals for the student. There are only a few and they go quickly so apply early if you would rather have your host family prepare the meals! The cost is $550 and includes everything above plus meals.

Keep in mind that our costs may vary per term. For more information on our most current details about the homestay program, please contact our office directly.

Rooms for Rent, and Roommates

Some students prefer to live in an apartment rather than a homestay. This can be especially true for students who prefer a more independent lifestyle or who have already spent some time in the United States. Often, students wish to have a roommate for social or economic reasons. We do not find or match roommates for you, but there are some apartments very close to campus that you can apply for.

We recommend the following websites:,,,, or Through these websites you can search for more apartments in Salem and/or close to campus that meet your specific needs.

For more information on choosing a place to live and some important things you may want to know before deciding to rent a place in Salem, please click here. Also, please click here for some housing commonly used terms in America.

Temporary Housing

If you plan on moving into an apartment once you arrive, the process can take one or two weeks to complete. Therefore, students often choose to arrange a temporary homestay family while they finish securing their apartment, although some do choose to stay with friends in the area or at a local hotel which are also good options. If you wish to use our Temporary Housing Service please plan to arrive on the specified arrival dates and fill out the forms that will be e-mailed to you.

  • • Our Temporary Housing costs $250 and lasts for two weeks.
  • • It includes the meals for the first three days only.
  • • After the first three days students will prepare their own meals.
  • • All temporary housing includes all utilities and beds with linens.
  • • Temporary housing is not available for more than two weeks.