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Winter Term 2017 (Spring Break)

Managua, Nicaragua Video:

If you are interested in International Studies, Community Development or International Health, this is the class for you! Students will study the themes of international development in 6 Saturday classes in winter term. Then they will travel to Nicaragua to work with community health NGO AMOS Health and Hope during spring break week. Students will participate in grass roots community work and gain understanding of international development work.

  • Important Nicaragua Information
  • Application

    • Application Deadline: Nov. 18, 2016.
    • Info Sessions: Student preview day; Sept. 23, Oct. 18, Nov. 2, Nov. 15
    • Travel Date: March 23-April 1 2017 (Spring Break)

    Spring Term 2017

    Oaxaca, Mexico

    Build cultural competency and study the concept of education as empowerment in Oregon and Mexico, while participating in international service. Students will examine the cultural foundations of education and compare/contrast educational experiences, attitudes and opportunities in the U.S. and Mexico to gain greater understanding of global and local educational concerns. Students will examine poverty abroad and at home and its implications for student achievement and educational perceptions. Four class sessions meet before the trip, and then students participate in a 10-day educational service learning project in Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Important Mexico Information
  • Application

    • Application Deadline: Feb. 27, 2017
    • Info Sessions: Student preview day; Sept. 23, Dec. 1, Jan. 18, Jan. 25, Jan. 26, Jan. 31
    • Travel Date: June 15-24, 2017 (Right after Spring term)

    Summer Term 2016

    Nishinomiya, Japan

    Otemae University Exchange: Japanese Language and Culture

    1. Important Japan Information
    2. Application

    • Application Deadline: Dec. 2, 2016
      • Interviews: Dec. 8-9
      • Notified: Dec. 16
      • Orientation: Jan. 20
    • Info Sessions: Student preview day; Sept. 23
      • Other Sessions TBD (Session in JPN 101 & 201 classes)
    • Travel Date: March 31-July 31 2017