Chemeketa Students

Estimated Costs

The following are estimated expenses for living and attending school in the United States for nine months. This does not include the three-month break, travel to and from your home country, or tourist travel while attending school. If you plan to remain in the U.S. during your three-month break, you will need to add additional living expenses to your budget.

3 months
9 months
Tuition and Fees $3,600 $10,800
Books and Supplies (does not include personal computer) $ 300 $ 900
Housing, Food (estimated housing based on host family or roommate) $1,800 $5,400
Health Insurance $ 500 $1,500
TOTALS $ 6,200 $18,600

Tuition estimates are subject to change. Estimates are based on average full time registration. Credit level programs require a minimum of 12 credits per term at $256 per credit. Intensive English credits are charged at $165 per contact hour. Required fees include mandatory Health Insurance. Academic fees vary depending on course registration.