Chemeketa Brooks Training Facilities


brooks classroom
Brooks classroom

- Seating for 45-50 persons classroom style
- Seating for 75 auditorium style

  • VHS/DVD Player
  • Wireless Lapel Mic
  • Dell PC
  • Elmo Brand Projector
  • High Speed Internet & Laptop Connections
  • Mounted Projector wt. Podium Touch Controls

- Tiled floors leading to the drill ground
- Windows to view drill ground props & activities
- Carpeted Classroom w/o windows for boardroom feel
- Tactical command rooms for scenario based training

Demonstration Arena

Demonstration Arena
Demonstration Arena

An 8,000 sq. ft. practice bay complete with:

  • Positive and Negative Ventilation System For Vehicle Exhaust Removal
  • Floor Drains For Easy Removal of Water
  • Fluorescent & Quartz Halogen Lighting
  • Arena is heated
  • Large Bay Doors For Easy Entrance and Exit Of Vehicles
  • Sim City; a two story cityscape used for training and as a backdrop for dining at a sidewalk cafĂ© during your conference

4 Story Burn Tower

Brooks Burn Tower
Burn Tower

Includes interior and exterior stairwells to the 4 story commercial tower complete with fire department connection, standpipe system, sprinkler system and non toxic smoke generation system.

Two Story Residential Smoke House includes: an interior stairwell, rood ventilation and attic crawl spaces, exterior balcony, windows and multiple doorways. Plywood lines the metal walls to protect firefighters and their PPE (personnel protective equipment) from sharp edges. All floor and elevation changes have identifiable edges for the safety of crews in poor visibility environments.

One story burn room for class a fire attack. Complete with three pyrometer temperature sensors with remote reading site on the exterior.

Retention Pond

Brooks Burn Tower
Retention Pond

1,000 sq. ft. surface of water for environmental response training, dive rescue training, pumper operator drafting and water shuttle operations.

6 LPG Props

Simulating: traditional Christmas tree gas meter, kitchen stove, deep fat fryer, above ground pipeline, petroleum loading dock, 500 gallon LPG tank with operating pressure relief valve.
*Live fire training is available with both vapor and liquid petroleum gas.

Transportation & Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

Includes vehicle extrication area, railway crossings, rail tank car, and fully operational tank farm with pipelines and splash loading dock. Freight truck and mass transit simulators, flammable liquid tanks, pans and props. Electrical hazard simulators. 1 ton and 150 lb. chlorine simulators.

Logistics Building

Logistics Building
Logistics Building

Complete locker room for up to 12 students, level A & B Hazmat suits, complete decontamination equipment, air monitoring devices, self contained breathing apparatus, thermal imaging cameras, confined space rescue & technical rescue PPE, stokes baskets, SKED stretchers, maxiforce air bags with controls, A B and C kit for chlorine leak mitigation, cribbing, gasoline tank truck rollover prop and Haz Mat patch & plug kits.

Technical Rescue Tower

Technical Rescue Tower
Technical Rescue Tower

Five story tower with full elevator shaft and simulated elevator car, scissor style staircases, shipboard stair cases, straight ladders, and spiral stair cases lead to windows and 5,000 lb. rated anchor points. Complete fluorescent lighting and 110 volt power blowers to move over 20,000 cubic feet of air per minute.

Confined Space Rescue Maze

An underground maze of electrical vaults, tunnels and storm drains connected to an underground storage tank with simulated leaking pipes with operating valves. Complete with 4 vertical and 4 horizontal openings including a Z class submarine door into the underground tank.

4 Way Lighted Intersection

Has remote controlled intersection lights; this adds realism to the low speed driving course. Can be used for the NFPA Driver Training, Pilot Car Training, Flagging Courses law enforcement traffic stops.