Earn a Degree or Certificate

College is at your doorstep at Polk County's Chemeketa Polk Center, where you can begin a college degree or certificate program, improve your basic skills to prepare to enter college, or earn a GED.

Earn a college transfer degree

You can earn an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree and the Oregon Transfer Module through Chemeketa Polk Center, a smart first step if you plan to transfer to a college or university to pursue a bachelor's degree.

Begin a career technical degree or certificate

For a career technical degree or certificate, you can take your general education requirements, and in some cases program-specific courses, at Chemeketa Polk Center. We offer many classes required for a certificate or degree in Accounting or Business Technology and Management, as well as many pre-requisite classes for programs such as Criminal Justice, Human Services, and Health Services Management. Check out our quarterly schedule of classes for an overview of our current term's offerings.

Improve your basic skills with college preparation classes

If you need to improve your skills to be successful in college-level classes, Chemeketa Polk Center has just what you need. We offer study skills, college success, math, writing, and reading classes in a supportive environment that will prepare for you a solid entry into the college program of your choice.

The first step is to take a placement test. Call us at 503.623.5567 to schedule. Preparing for this test with sample test questions can save you money and time, as it determines which classes you will be placed in. You can also take a placement test on our main campus.

With the test results, your advisor will help you enroll in classes that suit your needs and prepare you to enter a certificate or degree program.

Earn a GED as your first step

If you need to earn a GED credential as your first step toward college or job advancement, then Chemeketa Polk Center is the place for you.

We offer classes in Polk County (Dallas) and Independence that help you prepare to pass the GED exam. We also offer Spanish GED preparation and testing. Before you enroll in a class, we will provide you with an assessment of your math, reading, and writing skills, an orientation to our program, and assistance choosing the class that is best for you. Then you will be on your way!