Register, Pay & Other Business

You can take care of college business right here at Chemeketa Polk Center. What would you like to do?

Register and Pay

You can register and pay online inside My Chemeketa, or you can come to our Center to do this and our staff can help you.

You can pay in cash, with a check, or with a major credit or debit card. You can also pay in full when you register, or you can pay in installments. Find more information here.

Placement testing

Before you register for classes at Chemeketa, you need to take a placement test so we can place you in the classes that are right for you. You can take these tests at Chemeketa Polk Center. Call our office to sign up: 503.623.5567. (NOTE: The placement test determines your skill level and which classes you will enter, so preparing for it can save you money and time. Check out these sample questions to get started.

Order transcripts

Need a transcript? You can order one through My Chemeketa. Official and unofficial transcripts can be ordered and sent directly to a designated institution, employer or to your home. You can print out your own unofficial transcript on your computer. If you do not have computer access at home, you are welcome to do this on the computers in our Center lobby.

Order and pick up textbooks

There is no need to travel to Salem for your textbooks when you are a Chemeketa Polk Center student. When you order your textbooks online from the Salem Campus Bookstore , you can have them sent to the Polk Center for pick-up.

Once you have chosen your books online, you will be asked to create an account before you check out. On your account, you can choose to have your books sent to Chemeketa Polk Center for pick up. This service is free. You can also have books sent to your home for a fee.

Textbooks are generally available for pick-up at Chemeketa Polk Center 3-4 business days after ordering them; wait time is longer during the first week of classes. We recommend ordering before classes begin.