GED Certificate

GED en Español


Please call 503.399.8820 for dates and times.

You may complete your high school education at Chemeketa with a GED certificate earned through the ABE/GED program or a diploma earned through the adult high school diploma program. Students under 18 years old of age have special requirements for enrolling in either program.

The ABE/GED Program assists you in preparing for the GED high school equivalency certificate by offering instruction in the five areas of the GED test: language arts, writing, social studies, science, reading, and mathematics.

Individuals aged 18 and over may enroll in ABE/GED classes after attending an orientation and placement session. For more information about ABE/GED orientation please call 503.981.8820.

How to enroll in GED Preparation Classes with Chemeketa Woodburn Center:

  • Call 503.981.8820 to make an appointment to attend GED Orientation/Assessment Testing. We are offering two morning and evening orientation sessions for fall term.:

SESSION #1: Tues., Sept. 13 & Wed., Sept. 14

Morning session — 9am–12pm
Evening session — 6pm–9pm

SESSION #2: Tues., Sept. 20 & Wed., Sept. 21

Morning session — 9am–12pm
Evening session — 6pm–9pm

  • FEES:
  • Orientation/Assessment Testing Fee $15. Needs to be paid before the scheduled Orientation session begins
  • Class tuition $70
  • Official GED testing $125

Brad Johnson, Instructor, is more than happy to answer any questions via telephone,503.589.7719 .

His assistant, Olivia Nava, is also more than willing to answer any questions. Contact her at 503.589.7717.

Registration and Orientation for ABE/GED Classes in Spanish

Chemeketa ofrece clases de GED en Espanol. Para ver la informacion de los horarios a la seccion de ABE/GED en Espanol. Tambien ofrecemos clases de pre-GED en Espanol, la cual le ayudara a mejorar su espanol. Clases cuesta $70 por trimesta.

Registration and Orientation for GED Testing

Woodburn is an official GED testing center.

Tests are held on the 3rd Friday of each month by appointment.

In order to test, you must first attend a GED test Orientation. You will need to show a state issued picture ID and pay the current fee of $115. At the Test Orientation you will receive information about the testing schedule. If retesting is necessary, a $15 fee is charged for each test.

For more information, e-mail or call 503.981.8820.
Or stop by the office at 120 E Lincoln Street.