Staff Directory

Staff Phone Location Department E-mail
Aebi, Eric 503.589.7994 Bldg. 2/106 HTM Faculty E-mail
Aguirre, Blanca 503.584.7283 100F Counselor- Monday E-mail
Anaya, Jorge 503.584.7543 210 Academic
Trans. Assistant
Becker, Amanda 503.584.7541 Bldg. 2 Driver Education Assistant E-mail
Bernhisel, Donna 503.365.4778 312C Writing Instructor E-mail
Brewer, Kevin 503.316.3295 210 GED Instructor E-mail
Burger, Renae 503.316.7540 Bldg. 2 Administrative
Burger, Tracie 503.316.3288 104C Campus Manager E-mail
Cammack, Jan 503.316.3204 312A Chemistry Faculty E-mail
Cole, Jean 503.316.3284 203A Testing E-mail
Davis, Paul 503.584.7553 Bldg. 2/102 Career Technical
Education Coordinator
Dyer, Michelle 503.316.3248 104 Administrative Assistant E-mail
Ellis, Kathryn 503.316.3295 100E Accommodations/Advising E-mail
Eustrom, Jim 503.399.5144 100B Campus President E-mail
Friel, Jessica 503.316.3202 304 Biology Faculty E-mail
Garcia, Jose 503.316.3262 100B Juntos E-mail
Gentile, Ben 503.316.4674 Bldg.2/103 HTM Faculty E-mail
Gort, Ben 503.316.3203 312D Math Faculty E-mail
Hayes, Dan 503.584.7283 100F Counselor - Tuesdays E-mail
Hoffman, Danielle 503.316.3264 104A

Director of Student Services and Academic Transitions

Knofler, BJ 503.584.7545 Bldg. 2 Hemodialysis Faculty E-mail
Mitzel, Dwayne 503.316.3201 102 Public Safety E-mail
Nelson, Holly 503.584.7542 104 Dean E-mail
Northam, Ashley 503.589.7815 Bldg. 2/107 SLPA Faculty E-mail
Othus-Gault, Shannon 503.316.3204 312F Geology Faculty E-mail
Padilla, Aaron 503.316.3276 304 Science Lab Manager E-mail
Pilafian, Julianna 503.316.3290 100D Academic Advising E-mail
Powers, Kris 503.584.7598 312B HTM/Psych. Faculty E-mail
Protiva, Karen 503.316.3286 312 Biology Faculty E-mail
Silkey, Jennifer 503.316.3275 200 Library E-mail
VanSlyke, Tim 503.316.3258 210A Academic Trans/ESOL Faculty E-mail
Walker, Christina 503.316.3217 Computer Tech E-mail
Whitney, Jonni 503.316.3289 100 Department Assistant E-mail

For more information, call 503.472.9482 or visit the Chemeketa Yamhill Valley campus.