Student Clubs & Organizations

You can become involved in a number of different clubs while you are at Chemeketa. Clubs can be academic, curriculum-related, activity-oriented or based on a specific interest. Club sponsored events include special lunches, dances, displays, trips, fairs and more.

History Club

Advisor – Athanasios Michaels

Student Leader – Katie Gallagher

This club's purpose is to make history fun, interesting, and enjoyable. It also aims to help students understand how truths are constructed. This club puts ignorance to the torch and gives students a voice.

Phi Theta Kappa

Advisor – Donna Bernhisel and Amanda Frank and Lea Griess

Student leader – Barb Nissen

Phi Theta Kappa recognizes and encourages scholarship among two year college students. PTK also provides opportunity for leadership, service, scholarship and fellowship in an intellectual and community oriented environment.

Health Quest Club

Advisors – Julianna Pilafian

Student leader – Emma Milburn

This club aims to inspire fellow students to live happy, productive lives through holistic wellness and aims to explore the myths and truths of health and nutrition.

Yamhill Tribal Club

Advisor – Keely Baca

Student leader – Lacey Miller

The purpose of the Yamhill Tribal Club is to promote awareness and information on Native American culture through education and cultural experiences.

Philosophy Club

Advisor – Tyson Dutton

Student leader – Brittni McCart

The purpose of the Philosophy club is to provide an environment for anyone interested in philosophy to be able to engage with others in philosophical inquiry, participate in activities associated with philosophy, and further developing critical thinking skills.

Community Service Club

Advisor - Nora Alvarez

Student Leader – Ricky Edwards

The Community Service Club connects Chemeketa students with the Yamhill county community through direct service opportunities.

Spanish Club

Advisor – Hilda Ketchum

Student leader – In transition

This club's purpose is to immerse students in the Spanish language and culture through conversation and community..

Writing Club

Advisor – Sam Snoek-Brown

Student leader – Aubrey Jarvis

The Writing Club aims to provide a place for students to express themselves through writing as well as improve their writing skills.


We are currently seeking input for the types of clubs and organizations students are interested in starting at the Yamhill Valley campus.

If you are interested in starting a club,
please contact Yamhill Valley Campus's College Life advisor, Lea Griess at 503.316.3206 or by e-mail.