Get a jump on your college career!

College Credit Now (CCN)

College Credit Now allows you to earn college credits while you are still in high school for a drastically reduced rate allowing you to get a jumpstart on your future, whatever your dreams may be.

What are the advantages for students who take CCN classes?

Get Ahead The credits you receive from the CCN classes you take in high school are transferrable to most community colleges and four year universities. It is always a good idea to contact the college or university ahead of time to check on the most recent requirements. 

Save Money While local colleges cost $80-200+ per credit, you can take any CCN classes available at your high school and earn college credit for $25 a year.

Find Success Gain experience and confidence in your transition from high school to college.

Access to Student Services Chemeketa Tutoring and Library services.

Priority Registration Students register at Chemeketa based on the number of Chemeketa credits that they have earned and CCN credits count.

So, how does CCN work?

Each school has different CCN offerings available to students. You can discover what's available at your individual school by visiting with your high school counselor.

To become a CCN student you will need to first complete the CCN admission application, and then register for your CCN course by logging in to your My Chemeketa. For more information on how to complete this, please visit our Application Process page.

Students are responsible for registering within the regitration period to ensure they receive college credit. CCN students will pay a $25 fee per year, directly to their high school.

More detailed information is available in the 2016-17 CCN Student Handbook. The registration and drop deadlines are available in the 2016-17 CCN Student Calendar.

Do you still have questions?

Please contact Marlene Hernandez or Bruce Scanlon by e-mail, or by calling 503.399.5239.