Our Program

Our Experienced Faculty Will Teach You to:

  • Complete the accounting cycle for a small business, both manually and using a current accounting software package
    • Analyze the work and make corrections
    • Recognize and communicate irregularities needing management attention
  • Complete the accounting cycle for a large business with assistance from a senior accountant
  • Use communications skills, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, to work individually and as a team member
  • Read and analyze financial reports and trends.
  • Use technology to compose technical instructions and correspondence
  • Identify the functions within a business and how each function interrelates to carry out the objectives of the organization
  • Analyze the ethical and legal standards of the profession when choosing a course of action in accounting
  • Prepare federal and state documents and reports related to accounting in a timely and accurate manner

Does accounting sound like a career for you? Take a look at our curriculum and prerequisite requirements and the program course descriptions.

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