Agribusiness Management

Program Brochure

Fall 2014 Newsletter & Class Schedule

Dedicated to the Success of Agriculture in Oregon

The Agribusiness Management program at Chemeketa Community College focuses on the basic principles of agricultural recordkeeping and financial management. We provide business education for owners, family members and key personnel, including:

  • Use of recordkeeping software
  • Use of spreadsheet software
  • Setting goals
  • Understanding cost of production
  • Market fluctuations
  • Resolving family transition issues

The major emphasis is on the development and maintenance of a complete set of records and the skills necessary to interpret the records and use the information to make sound farm management decisions. The program is designed for a minimum commitment of three years and includes all active members of the farm business community.

The above-mentioned business and accounting tools include providing up-to-date confidential business consultations. Consultations incorporate a wide range of subjects from family transactions to accounting software, focusing on QuickBooks. We can also offer technology assistance, from business records analysis and interpretations to developing production and marketing strategies.

How you can benefit from the program may differ from that of your neighbors because not all farms are created equal and there is not a “one size fits all” when it comes to business support, solutions and education.

In addition, the program has been conducting annual Agricultural Education Tours for over 30 years, including successful tours to Spain, England, Italy, Chile, Australia, Ireland and many more countries. This year we have over 30 participants planning to visit Thailand in January 2013. We also work with USDA/Farm Service Agency to provide Borrower Training workshops for interested farmers.

The Agribusiness Management program also assists with miscellaneous business management related to the other two programs in Chemeketa’s Agricultural Sciences Department, Horticulture and Vineyard & Winery Management. More information is available by contacting the Agribusiness Management program staff.