Apprenticeship Trades

Learn while you earn

Learn the skills of an occupation while earning a family-wage paycheck through on-the-job training and related instruction. Benefits include paid employment during training and may include paid benefits. You will also have options for life-long learning and advancement opportunities in a variety of construction trade careers.

Apprenticeship Degrees (2015/2016 catalog page 71-75)

Current Degree in this major: Associate of Applied Science Degrees

AAS in Construction Trades, General plus Certificate with -

AAS in Electrician Apprenticeship Technologies plus Certificate with -

Add the OTM endorsement to any of these degrees and you have the option to transfer to OIT for a BS in Operations Management

Interested in becoming a part-time Apprenticeship Instructor;

General Journey-Level Apprenticeship Instructor [Part-Time Faculty Pool]

Program Contact

Marilyn Hart Reed, Director
Building 5, Room 264