Art Program

The Art Program offers a comprehensive range of foundational courses in design, drawing, ceramics, glass, painting, film photography, printmaking, sculpture, and art history. These courses teach hands-on, medium-specific techniques, while emphasizing strong design skills, practical methods of developing ideas, teamwork, and craftsmanship. Our art history courses teach not only formal and historical approaches to the visual arts, but also the role of art in constructing social systems. All of our courses emphasize visual literacy, a necessary tool to navigate our increasingly complex visual world and encourage recognition of diversity through social and cultural literacy.

The Art Program at Chemeketa also presents the work of regional and national artists in the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery.

Take a look at the work of our students in this slideshow.


Poetry is not the thing said, but the way of saying. Or perhaps more precisely, poetry is when the way of saying becomes the thing said. A. E. Houseman