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The Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery is a gem.
We have six exhibitions every year by diverse regional and national artists.

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Soapbox Poetry in the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery

All are welcome to attend Soapbox Poetry featuring readings from Chemeketa faculty and staff. Free and open to the public.

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Current Exhibit

Fall 2015

Drawing Deeper
From Drawing Deeper

Debra Beers, April Coppini, Elaine Green, Megan Vossler, Samantha Wall

November 4-December 4
Reception: Wednesday, November 6, 12:30-2:30

Drawing is an act of patience. To draw is to assess, rework, take away, and to reveal. The process is elusive. Not knowing what is next, or at least not exactly, is a regular occurrence. Shapes, lines, and values become a question, a memory, or a revelation.

As viewers, we are taken into the fray. We recognize the beauty of knowing our world in a new way. We revel in the newly visible.

This exhibit will bring together five artists who skillfully explore the medium of drawing. The work is rich because the way the marks are made is as forceful as the subject matter. The quality of their approaches reflects the quality of their observations as they question, explain, or simply present. These artists acknowledge the way we live, the choices we make, and the beings we encounter along the way.

Upcoming Exhibits

Winter 2016

Matthew Boulay: New Work

January 4-February 5
Reception and artist's talk: Wednesday, January 13, 12:30-2:30

Mr Boulay was the 2015 summer Artist in Residence at the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery. He will present work developed during and as a result of that experience.

Time Transfixed
Gary Westford
February 10-March 11
Reception and artist's talk: Wednesday, February 17, 12:30-2:30

Westford’s paintings reference the events of our time. He juxtaposes events from disparate times into unique and often shocking combinations. The paintings reflect on time and also environmental and social issues. His work is influenced by the artist Rene Magritte. The exhibit title, Time Transfixed is also a Magritte painting. It shows a locomotive emergingfrom the front of a fireplace, while smoke billows up the fireplaceflue. Westford will be offering a Chemeketa Makes workshop in combination with this exhibit.

Chemeketa Makes: Finding a Voice. Where do Ideas Come From?
Taught by Gary Westford
Sat, Feb 20, 9-3:30. Building 3, Room 121.
Cost: $15

Explore the use of personal experience and interests to make art. These personal sources could be your heritage (such as Icelandic or Hispanic), military service, a favorite song/film/poem, travel, and more. Starting from what you already know well, Chemeketa Makes artist Gary Westford will introduce drawing to music and "silhouette" brain-storming exercises. You will work collaboratively and independently. Using on-site available materials (charcoal, pastel, acrylic paint, cut paper, collage, etc.), you will then create a monument to a loss or triumph, recreate a masterpiece, illustrate a favorite poem or piece of music.

This workshop is designed to explore, have fun, and help generate ideas to make art. It is not a contest but rather collaboration among participants to share ideas and interests. The instructor will use multimedia presentations that include visual images and music, including his own work.

There will be one 30 minute lunch break. It is suggested to bring a lunch, or visit a nearby restaurant, in case food is not available on campus.

Note: Participants will need to fill out and bring a simple question sheet designed to help with the development of your unique ideas. (Available at time of registration)

Also bring a copy of your favorite poem or music lyrics, and 1-2 favorite personal photographs (please make copies of these. Please do not bring original photographs)

Spring 2016

Line it Out: Formal Elements in Art
Work by Deborah Bouchette, Gigi Conot, Heather Goodwind, and Kate Simmons

March 30-May 4
Reception: Wednesday, April 6, 12:30-2:30 pm

Contemporary works of art by Pacific Northwest artists linked through their home base and use of line.

Art Student Annual

May 9-June 3
Reception and Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, May 11, 12-2 pm

First you make the art; then you show it.  This show, juried by respected artists from Polk, Marion and Yamhill counties, offers all students who have taken an art class within the past two years, the chance to display current work, and to win one or more of a wide variety of prizes and purchase awards.

Student art drop off: May 4 & 5
Jury and pick up work not accepted: May 6
Reception and Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, May 11, 12-2 pm


Location and Contact Information

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Salem, OR 97309
Building 3, Room 122

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