Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery

Gallery Shows 2013-2014

Relationships of the Skin, the Pour and the Paint:
Work by Corrine Loomis Dietz

Relationships of the Skin, the Pour and the Paint by Corrine Loomis DIetz

This past summer, the Art Program sponsored an Artist in Residence program, offering the Gretchen Schuette Art Gallery as an on-campus art studio with access to the outstanding art facilities of the college. Corrine Loomis Dietz works in an innovative way with acrylic medium and unusual support materials to create flexible panels of color and form.

The open door policy of this residency allowed individual students and on-campus classes to see a practicing artist at work, to observe innovative techniques being developed and to see the process of art developing over time. This show will feature the works created in the residency. Read more about the residency in Corrine's words here.

Tinman: The Heart of Painting:
Work by Dave Tinman Edgar

The Heart of Painting by Dave Tinman Edgar

Continuing our goal of inspiring and informing art students with possible pathways to independence as artists, this retrospective of the work of Portland artist Dave Tinman Edgar traces his development from student to independent artist, which exemplifies the Postmodernist tension between the world of the eye and the world of the heart.

Rick Bartow: Seeing  Through The Eyes of the Ancestors

Rick Bartow: Seeing Through The Eyes of the Ancestors

The Gretchen Schuette Gallery at Chemeketa Community College is delighted to present the work of Internationally known Oregon artist Rick Bartow. Mr. Bartow draws on his Native American heritage and his formal training as an artist to create rich and expressive works that explore complex spiritual relationships between people and animals, people and their environment, and between the artist and his materials.