Basic Design

Basic design is a sequence of beginning level courses, offering an introduction to the fundamental principles of design practiced in the visual arts. These courses are part lecture and part studio work as they explore design, composition, and the expression of visual ideas. Design classes create strong foundation skills for those interested in pursuing other art classes such as drawing, painting and glass. Look at student work in Design here.

  • ART115, Basic Design-Two dimensional - focuses on black and white, 2-D design
  • ART116, Basic Design-Color - teaches principles and practices of good design using color
  • ART117, Basic Design-Three Dimensional - covers 3-D design

Design Studios

The design studios allows students to experiment and explore a variety of materials and medias, as they learn the "language of the visual arts." The 2-d design studio is located in Building 3, Room 105. The 3-d design studio is located in Building 5, Room 100.