Art History

Visual literacy is important whether you are a studio major, a general studies transfer student, or simply looking for more visual understanding of our highly complex visual world. These classes explore the way humans have visually made sense of and influenced their world through the ages. The Art Program offers Understanding Art, a class for absolute beginners in art, and also a series of art history classes.

Understanding Art: ART101

"I don’t know anything about art! Why is this artist good?" If these are your responses when faced with Pablo Picasso or Jackson Pollock, this course is your doorway into a new world of understanding visual art. Learn the language of art from an art professional. Discover how artists create works of art, and create a work of art yourself!

Introduction to the Arts of Asia: ART201

This new course focuses on the cultures, spiritualities, arts, and architectures of India, China and Japan, from pre-history to the middle ages. Whether you want to travel to the Far East, have ancestry there, or just like to learn about other cultures, Art 201 will expand your horizons and make you see things differently. Four credits. Prerequisite: Writing 115 with a C or better or instructor consent.

Introduction to Art History

From the Paleolithic cave paintings of Lascaux to the Twenty-first Century, the visual arts have constantly reflected and refracted the desires and fears of societies and of mankind. Learn all about it in Art History. Art History will expand your understanding of both history and art. It is for anyone with an interest in how images are created by and how they influence individuals and society. This sequence can be taken in any order.

ART204, Introduction to Art History This class covers the beginnings of art, from the Cave to the first Church. The Greeks, the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians: they are all there, plus much, much more.

ART205, Introduction to Art History Kings and castles, Gothic cathedrals, and the beginnings of oil painting can all be yours in ART 205. This quarter we will look at Medieval and Early Renaissance art, from the Sutton Hoo treasure to the High Baroque of the Sun King and Versailles.

ART206, Introduction to Art History If you are interested in the Impressionists, Modern masters and contemporary art, Art 206 is the course for you. Studies the Neo-Classical through the Present. From Rembrandt to Monet, Van Gogh to Willem de Kooning, the wealth is endless.