Printmaking as a fine art has a rich history. The power and effect of prints can be seen in 16th century, German, Albrecht Durer's Woodcut Series on the Apocalypse, 17th century Dutch artist, Rembrandt's wonderful etchings, or 18th century, Spanish artist Francisco Goya's series of work on the disasters of war.

The print program at Chemeketa Community College offers skill development and experience from beginning processes to advanced techniques.  The credits earned in all CCC classes in printmaking are transferable to four-year universities in Oregon.

Chemeketa's printmaking studio is excellent. The large open space houses two presses, one for etching and aquatint, and one for woodcuts, linocuts and monotypes. Facilities for screen-printing include: washout room for cleaning screens, Ultra Violet light table for developing light sensitive emulsion stencils, screen drying equipment and screen storage. Necessary tools and equipment are on hand and available. All students receive storage space for printing papers and personal equipment. To see our studio and learn about the screenprinting process watch this video.

Like many colleges, Chemeketa has moved toward a safer, non-toxic approach to printmaking. Through the use of benign methods and materials, the hazards associated with many printing process have been greatly reduced or eliminated.

For examples of student work, visit Recent Student Art in the Student Gallery area.

Chemeketa Community College offers the following printmaking courses:

ART270 Printmaking: Screen Printing 1
Learn techniques for creating uniform multiple prints in serigraphy or screenprint. Imagery can be hand-drawn, photography-based or computer-derived. Covers skills necessary for working in the commercial screenprinting industry.

ART274 Printmaking: Screen Printing 2
Add to screenprinting skills using multiple screens and complex color development.

ART275 Printmaking: Screen Printing 3
Continue to develop fine art editions with the goal of strong personal image development and multiple color prints.

ART276 Intro to Printmaking
Introduces the tools, materials, and techniques of printmaking to produce monotype,  silkscreen, intaglio, and relief art prints. Covers historical and contemporary approaches to the medium. Includes hands on studio experience, demonstrations, slide lectures, critiques, and individualized instruction. Stresses innovative image development with strong underlying design and craftsmanship. Also stresses safe studio practices