"Getting Started" Classes for Future Art Majors

The Art Program at Chemeketa teaches foundation skills applicable to every art discipline. Students who plan to transfer onto a four year institution to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Art or a Bachelor of Fine Arts can become "major ready" at Chemeketa. This means building strong foundation art skills while also fulfilling required academic courses. We recommend the following "getting started" courses:

  • ART101 Understanding Art Prerequisite: Placement into WR115; or WR090 with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor.
  • ART131 Introduction to Drawing 1
  • ART115 Basic Design: black and white
  • ART116 Basic Design: color
  • ART117 Basic Design: three dimensional
  • ART204, 205, and 206 Introduction to Art History Prerequisite: Placement into WR121; orWR115 with a grade of C or better; or consent of instructor

All four-year art institutions offering a degree in Art should transfer these beginning art courses. Other 200 level art classes usually transfer as lower division art electives. As a student, you are responsible for learning the departmental requirements of the school to which you plan to transfer. should make early contact with an advisor at the institution to which you plan to transfer to learn of any possible changes in an academic area

Oregon state colleges and universities offering Bachelor of Arts and/or Bachelor of Science degrees in Art are: Eastern Oregon University, Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, University of Oregon, and Western Oregon University. Western has majors in Art and Visual Communications. PSU has majors in Art History, Art Practices, and Graphic Design. OSU has majors in Art, Art History, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, and Photography.  U of O has majors in Art History, and Fine and Applied Arts. A five-year educational guide in art leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree is offered at OSU, SOU, and U of O. List of Oregon Colleges with Art Degrees

The Associates of Science Degree with an emphasis in Art (AS) is an option for art students who plan to transfer to Western Oregon University. See the Worksheet Here...

We strongly recommend developing a successful term by term plan. Consult with Chemeketa’s Counseling and Career Services or a Chemeketa advisor,  and use MyGamePlan on My Chemeketa. The Art Program instructors have been through the process and can also, offer advice.

Transfer Equivalency Guides

To learn how classes at Chemeketa will transfer to your specific future college of choice, follow their website links to their transfer equivalency or articulation guides. More information about transferring from Chemeketa is available at the Counseling and Career Services Transfer Center. Visit Here ...