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A painting by Chemeketa Alumni, Jennifer Gimsewski

Student Gallery

Featured Artist: Jennifer Gimsewski

A small detail of Jennifer Gimsewski's, All our thoughts have meaning.

Because I am committed to the joy and energy of the process of creating, each painting takes me on a journey. An intense love of line, shape and colour combine to make an exciting or compelling work. Read more...


Previously Featured: Wen-Hsin Chang (Angela)

Wen-Hsin Chang art image

Since I was a child, I have drawn anything I could imagine on paper. Sometimes the drawing might not make any sense to others, but I really enjoy expressing these things anyway. As I started to formally learn how to draw and paint, I also started to think more about what I was doing. What should I draw? How can I draw? Read more...


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Banner image: Jennifer Gimsewski, Bill, acrylic on canvas.