Wen-Hsin Chang (Angela)

Artist Statement

Since I was a child, I have drawn anything I could imagine on paper. Sometimes the drawing might not make any sense to others, but I really enjoy expressing these things anyway. As I started to formally learn how to draw and paint, I also started to think more about what I was doing. What should I draw? How can I draw? Does it look good when I draw it in such a way? Many questions kept coming out during the process. Painting is not just the subject I take in the school; it is really the way I express my ideas, and myself.

Wen-Hsin Chang
Untitled Pastel on Toned Paper, 15 x 20, 2006

I would say that drawing and painting create a world where only art and I exist; time, and other people don't matter in that world. There are always some images which come to my mind during the painting process. As I paint, I love to develop that atmosphere I see in my mind. Painting also helps me and other people understand things I don't even notice!

Untitled (Chair), Graphite, 16 x 20, 2007

Also, I like to learn different methods of painting and drawing, and play with those different techniques and media. Different media and methods show different sense of contents, it just like we talk in different language but still the same meaning. Using charcoal can provide a sense of loose in the drawing when I do not want every thing to be too clear. As a contrast, pencil drawing can easily show details and texture on the objects. Choosing different media makes drawing diverse and interesting.