Our Program

Our experienced faculty will teach you you the skills it takes to enter a career in law enforcement. Depending on your goals, there are a number of program options to choose from.

Oregon Transfer Degree of Criminal Justice -

  • Identify the characteristics of professional integrity and ethical standards for Oregon criminal justice professionals
  • Describe and relate the constitutional rights and responsibilities of citizens, offenders, and victims as they apply to state, federal, and procedural laws
  • Describe the processes and technology used to gather, investigate, manage, and report information in the criminal justice field
  • Identify the legal responsibilities of criminal justice professionals as they relate to cultural diversity and establishing positive community relationships

Basic Law Enforcement Certificate -

  • Identify the historical and philosophical evolution of law enforcement in the United States
  • Identify and describe the legal foundation for law enforcement officers working under "color of law"

Basic Corrections Certificate -

  • Identify the historical and philosophical evolution of criminal justice sanctions and punishment
  • Describe the constitutional and statutory foundation for offender treatment within correctional facilities

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