Employer Information

A quality Cooperative Work Experience (CWE) internship placement begins with a commitment from the training site to the student. As the student is exposed to authentic work situations, they can apply their classroom knowledge in a work context. Quality supervision allows the student to ask questions and understand the work they are performing.

Hear what two local employers have to say about the CWE experience and their interns.




Quality Placements Include:

  • Strong commitment to training through CWE
  • Clearly delineated job description outlining tasks and projects to be undertaken
  • Positions that represent progress towards the students stated career goal
  • Provisions for a specific work area for the student
  • Scheduled exposure to other professional staff, clientele or activities for professional growth
  • Opportunity for professional monitoring
  • Emphasis on the development of critical thinking and skills development

Quality Supervision Includes:

  • Direct, one-to-one supervision and training provided by work supervisor and coworkers
  • Provisions for a regular meeting time during the week with the work supervisor for training, answering questions, discussion with student, clarification, or new assignments
  • Opportunities to discuss issues which may arise at the job site and to hear feedback from student
  • Opportunities for career exploration by student
  • Interviewing other people in the office, talking with Personnel Director, etc.
  • Time for participation in on-site mid-term visit by CWE Coordinator and/or instructor
  • Exit interview of student and completion of final evaluation form by site supervisor